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Finances tries to automatically pre-fill the date, currency, posting accounts and amounts, to make it faster and easier to enter transactions. This is based on different criterias.

Date – By default a new transactions has the current date. If you currently view transactions for a different month or quarter, the last day of the time period is used. For example if you view the transactions of the 4th quarter of 2016, the date of a new transaction is set to 31rd December, 2016.

Currency – If you use more than one currency in a journal, the currency of the last transaction is used.

Posting account – The first account of your accounts is used as the first posting account. If your accounts are as listed below, the first posting will have the Assets:Cash account.



There are ways to customize this behaviour. For example if you view transactions for a specific account – say the Assets:Bank account – it will be used as the account of the first posting.

Posting amount – On iOS, the sign of the amount (positive or negative) is determined by posting account. This is only done if no amount was already entered. This means you should choose the account of the second posting, before entering the amount. Lets say you want to enter the following transaction.

2016-09-15 Pizza
    Assets:Cash   -$12
    Expenses:Food  $12

As you’ve seen before, the account of the first posting is automatically set to Assets:Cash. Now choose the account for the second posting, before entering any amount. This way the amount of the first posting is negative.