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Finances 2 is the successor of Finances 1 and available as a new app on the iOS App Store. A lot of limitations could be eliminated by using double-entry bookkeeping instead of single-entry bookkeeping, which was previously used in Finances 1. Furthermore the synchronization is much more reliable now. Also Finances will be available for Mac.

Double-entry Bookkeeping – With the new double-entry bookkeeping system, Finances 2 is more flexible and powerful than ever. You can do simple income and expense tracking, record transfers and foreign-currency transactions.

New User Interface — A completely new user interface was developed for the new bookkeeping system. By using colors for income and expense accounts, you quickly get an overview of your transactions.

Improved Synchronization — The data synchronization is now based on CloudKit, which makes it fast and reliable. Your data is stored securely in a private database on iCloud.

Journal NEW – Finances 2 stores your accounts and transactions in a journal. By using multiple journals you can easily separate your private and business accounting.

Currencies NEW — Journals are not limited to a specific currency. You can use multiple currency is one transaction.

Attachments NEW — Finances 2 lets you attach images and PDF files to transactions. This way you have all your transactions and bills bundled in one app.

Finances for Mac NEW — Finances 2 is also available for Mac. You can start using the trial version right now.