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How much does Finances cost?

You pay once $14.99 for Finances for iOS and $39.99 for Finances for Mac. There are no in-app purchases or locked features.

Is there a reduced upgrade price for Finances 1 users?

No, Finances 2 has to be purchased again from the App Store with a one-time fee. Unfortunately the iOS App Store doesn’t provide a way to offer a reduced price for existing users. But if you purchased the full version of Finances 1 after January 2017, you get the new version for free – please get in touch.

How can I transfer data from Finances 1 to Finances 2?

There is a migration guide on how to do that.

Can I still use Finances 1?

Yes. Finances 1 still works, but there won’t be any updates in the future. You may also experience syncing issues because Apple deprecated CoreData iCloud syncing in iOS 10. I encourage you to update to the new version, if you want to have a more reliable syncing experience.

Can Finances automatically import transactions from my bank account?

No, but you can import CSV files from your bank. Learn more