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Finances lets you export your transactions as a CSV or report file.

Export as CSV file, if you want to transfer transactions to financing or spreadsheet apps (e.g. Numbers or Excel). Exporting as CSV file may cause loss of information, because Finances is based on double-entry bookkeeping and a CSV file is based on single-entry bookkeeping. Therefore a CSV file is not a proper backup – see backup.

Export as report, if you want to get a detailed overview over your transactions for every account. A report is exported as an HTML file which can easily be converted to a PDF file on iOS and macOS.

Here are examples of a CSV and report file.

How to Export?

Do the following steps to export transactions.

On macOS

  • Choose File → Export…
  • Configure the CSV file or the report
  • Click Next… and save the file in a folder

On iOS

  • Navigate to the list of transactions
  • Tap to open the Statistic screen
  • Tap to open CSV or Report screen
  • Configure the CSV settings or the report
  • Tap Next and add the file to iCloud Drive